We design and build to make your dreams reality


We know how to support you in carrying out your projects, assisting you in all stages from technical and functional programming to representing you on-site. We contribute our expertise and commitment in your project’s completion.

Project owner support

From programming to administrative authorisations, we work with you to create a project that suits you. Our sketches, basic preliminary design and detailed preliminary design are all successive phases that will guide you in your choices.

Project design

We deliver innovative software solutions that help ensuring that high quality projects are delivered on time, within cost and achieve the desired outcomes. Our Quality Assurance Manual allows us to gain in time and to concentrate fully on directing and managing works.

Project management

Structural, fluid and thermal engineering. We are charged with risk analysis, costing and planning. We contribute to the creation of infrastructure that best meets the unique demands of its environment. We are also involved in rehabilitation issues and validate compliance with the highest standards. Our team focuses on modelling, simulating and optimization. It provides its own unique perspectives for solving technical challenges with clarity and imagination.

Technical engineering department

Our Design & Build solution simplifies the procedures and ensures your project successfully achieves its target goals within the given constraints. From the inception of the project till the final close-out and handover, we handle the overall development. Our promise: “when you take delivery of your new asset, you can fully operate”.

General contracting

About us

Each building project is unique. Its constraints are always new. Therefore, we provide a tailored, quality and personalized service. Our expertise and our ability to understand your needs and requirements are qualities that help for successful project implementation. Our highly skilled and accomplished team can support and advise you effectively, achieving a result beyond your expectations.

Whether in France or abroad, we ensure the success of your construction or renovation.

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